Wednesday Item Feature: Lotus lighting

Last year, I featured one of Leslie’s (owner of 4F Lighting on Etsy, formerly “metalight”) amazingly cool colander lamps. As I continue to get older, my affinity for lamps grows; combine this with my longtime love for origami and it’s no wonder I am so attracted to this EBAC find.

Many of our EBAC members are multi-talented, so it’s no surprise that some may have more than one shop open on Etsy! Last year, I talked about Angel Huntington-Ortega’s homemade bath and body products (a foot scrub and an herbal soak, if you recall); besides her mindful luxuries at AngelMadeEcoSpa Etsy shop, Angel brings a different side to her angelic talents: paper musings.

Her origami lotus flowers envelop an LED tea light that glows warmly when lit — a perfect accessory to have while you’re using one of her herbal soaks! Made from Japanese washi paper and sturdy Indian paper, her copper lotus lights are beautiful and peaceful. While you should avoid getting them wet during a bath or soak, these pretty little lights are reusable as long as you have some batteries on hand.

They come in a pair and are a great addition to any house that needs just a little extra lighting, perhaps even a gorgeous little nightlight to place on your bedstand or just something to help make your windows glow at night!

Check out Angel’s listing on Etsy now: Origami Paper Lotus Lanters – set of 2 copper pumpkin free shipping (US only)!

Tune in next week for the Wednesday Item Feature!

Love + donuts,

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