Typography Tips: Play around with fonts in Photoshop!

Some people might be surprised that fonts have to be bought — typography is a vast world that is yet to be fully understood by many people. It’s true that paying a thousand big ones just to have the whole Helvetica Neue family or even a couple hundred on a nice typeface you really love might be stretching it, but honestly, there are a lot of good ones that are reasonably priced and quite affordable!

My thoughts are that if people get to play around and test fonts within their design, they might be convinced to buy them. Just maybe!

Fortunately, FontShop recently announced a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to play around with fonts that are available through FontShop.com within your design in Photoshop. Photoshop tends to be the one program in Adobe’s Creative Suite that a good deal of crafters and artisans that are not professionally (graphic) designers have, if not more programs from the Suite — this is quite an advantage.

(Slightly off-topic: since I’m still recovering a bit from a nasty cold, I’ll keep this quick ‘n’ simple and leave it to FontShop’s blog to explain it to you.)

For those of you who do have Photoshop and love fonts or would like to explore them, download and check out the plug-in here!

Have questions? Looking forward to next Sunday’s Design Tips and want to know or learn something specific? Comment!

Cheese + butter,
Mayene Design

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